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Process safety thanks to leakage monitoring by means of radar technology

Since MEG is toxic, the highest requirements are placed on process safety and the absence of faults when handling the substance. For this reason, diaphragm pumps are especially well-suited. They are hermetically tight and do not tend toward leakage. Occasionally, however, plunger pumps may be required if, for various reasons, diaphragm pumps cannot be employed or in the event of large flow rates. These are only able to be dynamically sealed by means of packings, which is why special precautions need to be taken in such cases to prevent leaks. For example, in having built a system in accordance with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (DGRL) for one customer in particular, LEWA deployed a special leak monitoring system alongside a leakage pan together with outlet drainage in a Closed Drain System: Since commercially available flow meters reach their limits in quantities that are so relatively small, the manufacturer determined it was better to go with measurement using radar.

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Exhibitor: LEWA GmbH


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