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AVA is a leading provider of plant and system solutions having its core competencies in mixing, drying, and reacting for both horizontal and vertical technologies. For decades, genuine expertise in process engineering, a creative, experienced and competent team, high-end technology implementation, as well as comprehensive service and support have provided guaranteed successful process technologies for numerous industrial applications as well as a leading position in the respective markets. A flat corporate structure ensures an outstanding price-performance ratio. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate guarantees the quality of both workflows and products.

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Whether a solid phase reaction takes place, several components are blended together, or a solvent needs to be removed, AVA machines are a sophisticated solution for various applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For all these applications, high homogeneity is essential to achieve a constant process control and a high product quality. When developing a solids processing machine, various influencing parameters, like the particle size distribution, the inner friction of the powder and many others, must be taken into account.
Vacuum dryer for API

This application involves the drying of a mechanically sensitive product. For this reason, a vertical helix dryer of the AVA HVW series is used here, the mixing principle of which exerts gentle mechanical stress on the product. The conical shape also allows a large heating surface for short drying times, almost complete emptying and advanced maintenance and cleaning options.
• Drive, bearings and shaft seal outside of mixing zone
• Lifting column for comfortable access

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Pilot system for flame retardants

This compact system based on the AVA HTL series carries out pilot scale tests for dust explosive materials at temperatures up to 300 °C. It offers a variety of features for demanding use in product development:
• heating and cooling with well-defined product temperature profile
• reacting and drying at required pressure level
• re-dispersing agglomerates with a chopper
• injecting liquid additives via a nozzle
• explosion prevention measures

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High-Temperature Mixer for Battery Masses

Lithium metal oxides are used as cathode material and are sensitive to water. Exceedances of the maximum quantities would lead to decreases in quality.
Residual water quantities significantly below 10ppm may be obtained with high-temperature mixers featuring a specific electric heating system with up to 700°C. High-vacuum designs of these mixers will reduce the water content to a minimum. The extensive drying also allows the coating of certain products with fluid additives before drying.

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News & Innovations

Laboratory-scale high-end vacuum dryer
AVA has recently developed and manufactured a laboratory-scale high-end vacuum dryer for a leading lab for flame retardants. The compact machine fits into any chemical laboratory and is suitable for mounting on a lab table. In terms of performance, however, no compromises have to be made.
The system is designed for proceeding (dust) explosive products under inert atmosphere. The process temperature can be varied between 5 and 300 °C. The system offers many features to cover a wide range of application scenarios: heating and cooling with a well-defined product temperature profile; Reacting and drying at application-specific pressure level; a chopper for dispersing agglomerates; a nozzle to inject liquid additives; Thermal insulation as personal protection ...
For laboratory use with frequent product changes, easy access to the interior is very important. This requirement is fully taken into account in the machine design. The front door (heated and thermally insulated) can be widely opened and all components installed in the mixing drum can be removed individually. Assembly and preparation work is very easy and quick to learn.
Similar machines have already been supplied for a wide range of applications such as flame retardants, battery packs, catalysts, etc. Sophisticated processes have been successfully carried out, eg. Mixing, drying, reacting, wetting, granulating or any combination of these methods.
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API Dryer for Sanofi
The company Chinoin Zrt., subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, is represented in Hungary at the three locations Budapest, Csanyikvölgy and Veresegyház. In the mid of 2018 the chemical site in Budapest is receiving a new system for homogenizing and drying of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. The centerpiece is the vertical conical dryer HVW-VT 120 with spiral mixing unit in pharmaceutical design from AVA.
The active ingredient is sprayed onto the excipient in liquid, dissolved form and then homogenized. After achieving the required distribution of active ingredients and excipients, the carrier liquid is removed by applying vacuum and heating the exterior wall. The dryer is finally discharged by a continuous liner system with integrated weighing cells. Due to the toxic properties of the active ingredient, the system was designed for the containment level OEB 3. After a residue-free emptying, the dryer including liner system is CIP cleaned and dried - being available for a new batch.
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