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LEWA is the world's leading manufacturer of metering pumps and process diaphragm pumps as well as complete metering packages for process engineering. The Germany-based company developed into an international Group within a few decades and saw further improvement in its position on the world market as part of integration into the Japanese Nikkiso Co. Ltd. in 2009. Its products are used mainly in the oil and gas industry, in gas odorization, in refineries and petrochemicals, as well as in the production of plastics, detergents and cleaners. Additional application areas include the chemical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food and beverage industry, and energy utilities.
The facility in Dubai serves the customers worldwide with chemical injection packages which are engineered and fabricated in-house retaining the entire value chain in order to ensure and control LEWA´s high quality standard.

Products and services

LEWA solves complex tasks from a single source. That ranges from custom pump design, basic and system engineering, global project management, and pretesting to commissioning and maintenance on site.

Core products:

  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Process Pump Skids
  • Odorization Systems

Industries catered:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power plants
  • Desalination & Waste water
Corrosion inhibitor

29 Chemical injection skids with customized design for injection of corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion inhibition and biocide injection packages for onshore plant

Chemical injection skid with heat tracing and hot insulation (-46 °C) including 10-headed pump. Is used for injection of 3 different chemicals.

Nitrogen Generation Package

The basic components are the filter section, the diaphragm portion and the control portion. Variable elements are compressors, filters, instrumentation, automatic valves, controls, buffer tank, gas booster for filling the cylinder and nitrogen bottle racks.
The packages are suitable in the safe area and the Ex-zones.

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LEWA Middle East FZE
P.O. Box 261900
RA8SC06 Dubai

Phone: +971 4 8870999
Internet: www.lewa.ae
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News & Innovations

Hygienic application in the food industry
Manufacturers of milk-based food for babies and small children have to uphold the highest purity standards in their products, as well as consistent quality and optimal process safety in the plant.
Therefore, the decision from Hochdorf was made to purchase a Triplex G3F process diaphragm pump from experienced pump manufacturer LEWA. The Triplex series in the company's repertoire features pump units that are specifically designed for the high pressures and flow rates of the food and fat-processing industry, meaning that the required throughput of 4,000 l/h at 250 bar was no problem at all. The G3F also features a total of three M9 pump heads specifically selected for the aseptic application at HOCHDORF. These pump heads feature PTFE sandwich diaphragms, which guarantee both high operating safety and comparably low maintenance effort. The pump's hermetic tightness with the corresponding system connection ensures sterile conveyance of the product. All wetted surfaces are made of high-strength DIN 1.4571 (316 Ti) stainless steel and designed with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.5 µm in accordance with the hygiene requirements.

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Process safety thanks to leakage monitoring by means of radar technology
Since MEG is toxic, the highest requirements are placed on process safety and the absence of faults when handling the substance. For this reason, diaphragm pumps are especially well-suited. They are hermetically tight and do not tend toward leakage. Occasionally, however, plunger pumps may be required if, for various reasons, diaphragm pumps cannot be employed or in the event of large flow rates. These are only able to be dynamically sealed by means of packings, which is why special precautions need to be taken in such cases to prevent leaks. For example, in having built a system in accordance with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (DGRL) for one customer in particular, LEWA deployed a special leak monitoring system alongside a leakage pan together with outlet drainage in a Closed Drain System: Since commercially available flow meters reach their limits in quantities that are so relatively small, the manufacturer determined it was better to go with measurement using radar.
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